Advice from a master

30 Oct

I don’t know if I’m a Tom Waits fan, to be honest. I know my guyfriends and plenty of exes reallllly like him. I should give him another shot.

These bits of an article from last Sunday’s New York Times stuck with me and I think if you’ve ever pursued anything remotely creative, they will with you, too:

“I want you to play like you’re 7 years old at a recital. I want you to play like your mom’s in the room. I want you to play like you’re miles from home, and your legs are dangling from a boxcar. Or play like your hair’s on fire. Play like you have no pants on.”

And, on his recent album which touches upon current events:

“I’m not really qualified to discuss any of these matters on a political level. I always imagine you sit at a piano with an open window, and whatever is out there will come in, pass through you and then turn into a song.”

And, the comic/writer in me especially loved this:

“There’s truths there that spiral out of what appears to be just a word game. That’s what I find mystifying about the meanings of things: they kind of unscrew themselves from the practical words.”


Thanks, as always, to my dad who gives me the best pieces of the Times every Sunday at dinner after mass.


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